Kingston upon Hull War Memorial 1914 - 1918

The story of Hull in World War One

Other Losses - Buried in Hull & unrecorded Casualties

The Kingston Upon Hull Memorial 1914 -18 records all the names of Hull men lost during the First World War. This includes those that were born or lived in the city, plus the hundreds of servicemen, buried in Hull cemeteries during the war. The Hull Memorial remembers over 8,560 men, associated with the City of Hull, including Hull born men who lived outside the City.

Unrecorded Casualties

There are also many Hull casualties which do not appear in Official War records. Sadly this is not unusual, as details of deaths were compiled hurriedly to inform relatives quickly, and errors were made in the confusion. There were also no computers, and for many reasons, hand written paper records were not recorded accurately. Often, discharged Servicemen, or those who died due to sickness, accidents, or as prisoners, were sometimes not deemed as war casualties. Their deaths however were recorded by local newspapers, or by their families on local church memorials. The Hull Memorial tries to remember these men, so they are not forgotten. Some Hull soldiers not remembered in the official war records include:-

Christopher Parker, Amos Spruit and S COOTER, listed on St Mary's Parish Church memorial, Sculcoates Lane.

John, William & Arthur LEA - all three are listed on the St John's Newland Church memorial, Clough Road, but their Hull connection is hard to find?.

Sgt, Frederick Williams, Border Regiment, recorded as killed in action, in the Hull Times on 12/6/1915. He is listed in St Charles Catholic Church, 12 Jarratt Street, Hull.

John W Jerderin, F. Brett and S.T.E. Coates, S. Miller, recorded on the Walker Street memorial.

F.H. Baxter and F. Whitehead, both listed as fallen in St Mathews Church, Boulevard.

Private, William Cooper Feirn, RAMC, from 236 Marlborough Avenue, recorded as killed, on the Methodist Church War Memorial, Princes Avenue, Hull.

Samuel Brocklington, recorded as lost in the St Barnabas Book of Rememberance, Hessle Road.

Private, E Gregory, listed as fallen on the Wilmington Roll of Honnour. 

Private, Fred Cheesman, from 118 Dansom Lane, listed as dead, on the Reckitt's Factory Memorial.

Stoker, Alfred Rene Sawyer, Royal Navy, HMS 'Powerful' listed in the Hull Daily Mail as died.

Private, Bob Farrow, from Walcott Street, reported by the Hull Daily Mail, as accidentally killed at sea, on 26/7/17.

Private, 33420, John Miller, 11th Bn. EYR, killed 29/9/18. He left his wife Ellen and 4 Children at Scott Street, but is not officially recorded. 

Private, George Maple, Hussars, listed killed in action on 13/5/15, leaving a widow and children (HDM 13/5/16). No cwgc records.

Gunner, Joseph Elliot, RHA, recorded in 'Soldiers Died' records' as killed in action on 24/8/1916, but not listed by the Commonwealth War Grave Commission. He had been a Boilerman, and lived with his wfe Ellen in Bean Street.

Gunner, Richard Henry Hepton, RGA, accidentally killed on 4/8/1916, tampering with a shell. He is remembered on the St Paul's Street, Roll of Honour.

Corporal, George Stanton, RFA, died of wounds on the 14/10/17, aged 27. He is reported to have been the first man to enlist in Hull and he lived at 46 Hutt Street (Hull Dail Mail 22/10/18). However, there are no military records of his death.

Private, Sam Thomas, Ist EYR, killed on 31st August 1915. He was aged 20 and lived at 55 Constable Street. His death was reported in the Hull Daily Mail, but not recorded in the 'Soldiers Died' records. 

Lance Corporal, Charles Carter, Royal Fusiliers, is listed in the 'Soldiers Died' records, as living in Hull and killed on the 7/3/1916, but he is not recorded by the War Graves Commission.

William Johnson, of the East Yorkshire Regiment reported killed on 2/8/18 aged 28, in the Hull Daily Mail 12/8/18. His mother lived at 2 Bishop Avenue, Division Road. His death is not recorded in official casualties.

Similarly, Private, William Billamy, from 8 Queen Street Hull, killed in action on 4/8/17. (HDM 4/8/17) 

Private, Walter Leonard Welton, 40308, Northhumberland Fusiliers 16th Bn., killed in action, on 2/12/17, aged 27, and buried at Zonnebeke, is strangley not recorded on the CWGC records. He was the son of John and Alice Welton, who lived at 163 Woodcock Street. His name appears on the war Memorial, at St John the Baptist Church, Hull. His picture appears here, so that Walter Leonard Welton is not forgotten.


Lance Corporal, William Elam Oxley, EYR, from 64 Havelock Street, was listed as died in the Hull Daily Mail, but remains untraced.

Private, Charles Athur Lockton, Northumberland Fusilers, discharged from the army, as 'mentally unfit' on the 24/4/1918, and died in an asylum on the 13/11/1918. He is not recorded by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, but was remembered by his wife Clara, at 14 William Street, on the Walker Street memorial. Similarly, Private, Charles Henry Wilson, 1382, EYR, discharged with heart failure in 1916, died at 104 Dansom Lane, aged 33. 

Private, William Trow Partridge, 3rd Bn. EYR, enlisted 14/9/1914, and discharged as 'unfit' on the 27/7/1916. His mother lived at 166 Victoria Avenue.

Private, Lawrence Willerton Parker, NFUS, killed in action on 11/4/18. Lived at 39 Sculcoates Lane (HDM 23/5/17. 

Gunner, Charles Revill,  241851, RFA, discharged as 'unfit' on 17/11/1919, and died soon after.

Driver, Leonard Wright, RFA, from 79 Chiltern Street, discharged on 15/2/1915. 

Private, Thomas William Bainbridge, RAMC, died 29/12/1917. aged 22. He lived at 12 Crown Place, Wassand St, and is remembered at St Mathews Church. Boulevard.

Private, George Albert Wood, died of wounds on 23/9/16, aged 23. He lived at 35 Havelock Street. His death is reported with a photo in the HDM 27/9/16.

Private, Bertram Percy Wood, 201663, 1/4th Bn, EYR, from 18 Frinsbury Grove, is listed as fallen on the Hull Technical College Memorial.

Private, Fred Higginbottom, 3rd Bn. Coldstream Guards, killed on 15/9/1917, aged 23. He was the son of James and Elizabeth, at 6 Newton Street. His death was reported in the Hull Daily Mail on the 18/10/1918. he is unrecorded in official deaths.

Private, Leonard Anthony Powers, 10th West Yorkshire Regiment, killed on 1/7/16, aged 18, was the son of Margaret Powers, at 100 Buckingham Street.

Private, Jack Beautement, Durham Light Infantry, from 44 Lambert Street, killed on 28/5/1918 aged 19;

Sapper, John Ogle, RE's, died on the 12/6/1915, was  from Leeds, but worked as a salesman in Hull.

Private, O'Donough, Royal Irish Fusiliers, died in Salonika, aged 52. He had served for 34 years & lived at 55 Alexandra Street. Photo in the HDM 10/11/16.

Private, Bertram Stafford, 1325, 1/4th Bn, EYR, died in Belgium on the 8/7/1915, aged 26. His sister Alice lived at 70 Holdrness Road. He is remembered on the 'Hull Heroes' website.

Private, Fred Spooner, 16146, EYR, killed 26/3/18 aged 36. Son of Sarah - 14 Victoria Terrace, Staniforth Place. No CWGC records.

Air Mechanic, 42045, Edward William Barnes, RFC, died on 1st May 1917, aged 21. He lived at 45 Belvoir Street and was listed 'missing' in the Hull Daily Mail on 21/5/17. 

Lieutenant, Alfred Hall, Royal Navy, died of pneumonia at Gosport, lived at 321 South Boulevard. Hull Daily Mail 24/10/18)

George W. Bishop died 12/11/14. Son of Alexander and Sarah Bishop (HDM 12/11/17); 

James Mason from 7 Little George Street, died 13/9/16, aged 19 (HDM 12/11/17)

Cpl., C Harrian, Hussars, killed in action on 22/3/18, aged 35 years. He was an former footballer at Hull's Victoria barracks and left a widow and 2 children.

Samuel Vromans, from Buckingham Street, worked as a German Translator and died at Caen, on the 16/10/18.

These deaths are all recorded in the Hull Daily Mail and local war memorials, but are untraced in formal casualty lists. There are many more Hull men, who died in the war and are unrecorded in official war records. As it is a complicated process to verify casualties from 100 years ago, they have been included in the Hull Memorial, to ensure that they are remembered. If you have any information about these casualties, please e-mail this site.