Kingston upon Hull War Memorial 1914 - 1918

The story of Hull in World War One

Hull in WW1

Armistice, Peace & Hull Street Parties.

Hull Citizens celebrated the end on the war on the 11th November 1918. The final 'Hull Pals' returned to the City on the 26th May 1919. Women and children in Hull celebrate the end of the war. (c) Hull Museums.Official 'Street Parties' were held across Hull on the 19th July 1919 to mark the official Peace. There were wild celebrations and relief that over four years of struggle were finally over. With this relief, there was also sorrow at the large loss of live. Hull alone had lost over 7,500 men in the war, with another 14,000 disabled from an estimeated 70,000, who had served in the forces. To aid the disabled and the families of the dead, Hull established it's own War Trust to raise money and by 1927, 1,040 recipients had received £74,000 between them. The war had affected everyone in some way, and the life for many could never be the same again.

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 Scarborough Street Peace Party above and Beeton Street Peace Party 1918 above right.

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Hawthorne Avenue Peace Party above 1918

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Marmaduke Street Peace Party 11th November 1918

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Wassand Street Peace Party 1918

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The Parrot Street Peace Party, (off Selby Street), Hull, 1918

No automatic alt text available.Raglan Street Peace Party

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 Daltry Street Peace Pary 1918

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