Kingston upon Hull War Memorial 1914 - 1918

The story of Hull in World War One

Brothers/Relatives who died on the same day


L/Cpl. William Thorley Allenby (20 years), & his brother George David Allenby (25 years), both 7th CEF, Columbia Regiment, died at Vimy Ridge on the 8th July 1916. Their parents David & Ellen Allenby, lived 31 Mayfield Street, Hull.


Corporal, Henry Beanland, (aged 23), died on the same day as his brother Private Arthur Beanland, (aged 28). They both served in the 13th East Yorkshires and were killed in action on the 13th November 1916. They were the sons of Benjamin and Lydia Beanland, 11 Alexandra Avenue, Arundle Street.


Pte. George Edward Betts, 12th EYR, (20 years) and brother, John Betts, 8th EYR, (24 years), were killed on the 13th November 1916. Both were sons of Joshua & Harriet Betts, 6 Lucas Square, Sykes Street, Hull.
John Betts lived with his wife Margaret & their two children nearby, at 4 Carlton Place, Francis Street, Hull.
Incidentally, Pte. William Betts, 598, 13th EYR was also killed on the same day. He was also born in Hull and before the war worked as a porter on the North Eastern Railway in Hull.


Pte. Leonard Blanchard, 29766, and Pte, Walter Blanchard, 602, both served with the 11th EYR and were killed on the 12th April 1918. Their parents lived at 6 Ash Grove, Dalton Street, Hull.


Skipper, William Darby Coates Snr. (59 years) and his son 3rd Hand, William Darby Coates Jnr. (20years), were both lost on the steam trawler, Earle (HULL) on 21st January 1916. They lived at 6 Empringham Place, Daltry Street, Hull.


Father and son, Leonard William Cooper, Snr, aged 52, and his son Leonard William Cooper,Jnr, aged 32 years, both died at sea on the 16th November 1916, when their steam ship ‘Vasco’ was sunk. They both left widows at 8 Byron Street, Westcott Street and 182 Mersey Street


Brothers George and David Galloway, Privates in the 7th EYR were both killed on 17th January 1916. They were the sons of John & Sarah Ann Galloway – 46 Cleveland Street, Hull. Another brother Thomas Galloway, 1st EYR (24 years) was killed on the 16th September 1916.


Fireman, James White Hardy, (46 years), and Fireman Joseph Edward Hardy, (29 years), were brothers lost on the Steam ship 'TORRO' (HULL) on 12th April 1917. They were the sons of Henry and Mary Ann Hardy, 3 Woodhouse Street, Hedon Road, Hull.


Private Ernest Hotchkin,1225, 12th East Yorkshire Regiment, and his brother Private Fred Hotchkin, 1226, 12th East Yorkshire Regiment, joined together and also died together on the 13th November 1916. They were the sons of Mark and Minnie Hotchkin, who lived at 7 Sophia's Terrace, Spyvee Street, Hull. They were aged 28 and 22 years respectively.


Stoker Joseph Malcolm, 2681, Royal Navy Reserve, is listed in the Book of Remembrance at Hull's Holy Trinity Church. He died on the same day as his two brothers when HMS Queen Mary was sunk on the 31st May 1916 at the Battle of Jutland. All Stokers, Joseph Malcolm, aged 29 years, John Robert Malcolm, aged 25, and Charles Malcolm, aged 22 years, were the three sons of George and Mary Malcolm, 14 Union Street, Stockton on Tees. They have no known grave.


Steward, William Oaktree, sank with the Steam ship 'Hazlewood' on the 19th October 1917, aged 19. His brother Frederick Oaktree, died the same day on a different Steam Ship called 'Sten', aged 22. They lived with their parents, Peter and Augusta Oaktree, at 3 Ryders Terrace, Strickland Street, Hessle Road.


Father and son, Francis Robert Postle, Snr, (42 years) and Francis Robert Postle, Jnr., died on the 12th April 1917 when the ‘St Andromache’ (GRIMSBY) was sunk by an enemy submarine. Their wife and mother Gertrude (nee Cressey) lived at 21 Harrow Street, Hull