Kingston upon Hull War Memorial 1914 - 1918

The story of Hull in World War One

Brothers that died

The following, is a list of Hull brothers, that died in the First World War. They each have their own story, which can be told on this website. They were not only brothers to each other, but to their other siblings. Most were young men. Some were husbands, boyfriends, fathers, and grandfathers. Others were uncles, nephews, cousins, colleagues, and friends. All were sons and meant something to someone. Their potential was cut short by war. It's a long list, but by no means complete. Recording their names, highlights the enormity of their loss to their family and community.  Between 1914-1918, Hull lost over 7,500 men and another 14,000 returned home wounded. So they are not forgotten, they are remembered here.

George Alfred Alcock and William Coates Alcock, of 62 Argyll Street, Hull;

George and William Allenby, brothers that died together on the same day, from 31 Mayfield Street;

George and Harold Altoft, at 81 Rosamond Street;

Edward Arthur Anderson, and John Rodman Andersonboth 18 years old, from 19 Tomlinson Street;

Wilfred and Evelyn Ernest Anderson, of 4 Charlotte's Terrace, Clarendon Street;

Arnold and Harry Anderton, of 10 Endsleigh Villa, Wellsted Street;

Arthur Windas Andrew and Edward Watson Andrew of 16 William Street;

Sydney Arksey and Thomas Edward Arksey, Hull born brothers;

George Henry Austin and John William Austin, of 15 Tennyson Avenue, Ferries Street, Hull;

Charles Edwin (Ted) Banks and Harold Banks, of 1 Floral Avenue, Edinburgh Street;

Sidney Herbert Barclay and Thomas James Barclay, both brothers were killed in 1914;

Arthur, George and John Barnes, three brothers from 44 Nornabell Street;

Arthur and John Baron, of Barnsley Street;

Arthur and Albert Barrett, of 19 Norfolk Street;

Robert Barrett and George William Barrett, 10 Gordon Avenue, Cannon Street, Hull;

James Henry and John Arthur (Jack) Bartram, of  Manchester Street;

Thomas Arthur Beadle and Walter Beadle, of Southcoates lane; 

Harry and Thomas Beautiman, both died of wounds, from 95 Bean Street;

George Leonard Bell and Henry Bell, of 2 Fern Avenue, Waterloo Street;

William Henry Bell and Walter Bell, of 12 Devonshire Villas, Wellsted Street;

Richard and Harold Bentley, from 50 Sharp Street;

John, George and Joshua Betts, three brothers from Sykes Street;

John Bettinson and William Bettinson, of Goodwin Street, Hull;

Thomas and James Bhones, of 1 Lions Place, Canning Street;

Arthur and Francis Bickers, of Arnon Villas, Sculcoates Lane;

Harry and John Billany, of 136 Cumberland Street;

James Henry and Archi Billany, from Courtney Street. Both died at sea;

Lewis and Edgar Samuel Bilton, of 136 Mersey Street;

Walter Binge and Harmen Binge, at 6 Marfleet Terrace, Craven Street;

Harry Binks and John William Binks, of 14 Hilda Grove, Sculcoates Lane:

William, George and Albert Bird, three brothers, from 22 Glasgow Street;

George and Arthur Bishop, of 39 Kings Street, Hull;

John Bladon, Ernest Bladon and Fred Bladon, three brothers from 6 Leo's Terrace, Waterloo Street;

Percy Walter Blanchard, and Ernest Edward Blanchard, from 3 Olive Grove, Harrow Street;

George and William Blanshard, of 8 Clifton Terrace, Walcott Street;

John William Blenkin, and James Stephenson Blenkin, from the Butchers Shop, at 66 Sculcoates Lane;

John and Tom Blyth, of 149 Lime Street, Hull;

Frank and Thomas Boardman, of 52 York Street;

Edgar Boasman, of Holland Street, Hull, and his brother, George Lewis Boasman, of 25 Marshall Street, Hull;

Charles and James Ernest Bogg, of 10 Temperance Terrace, Lake Street, Hull;

Frederick J Booth, John William Booth, and Albert Edward Booth, three brothers, from Chapel Lane, Hull;

Walter and William Lawson Boothby, of 125 Hardy Street, Hull;

Percy, George and Harold Bourner, three brothers from Park Road, Hull;

John Robert Bowden and Benjamin Bowden, of 3 Berkshire Street, Hull;

Francis and George Boyle, from Walcott Street;

Clarence and Ernest Braithwaite, from Cleveland Street;

James and George Robert Brambles, of Hawthorne Avenue;

William and Albert Brett, from Walcott Street;

George and Henry Bricklebank,of 48 Ropery Street, Hull;

Charlie William Bridges, and Albert Bridges, from 64 Sharp Street;

Francis Edgar Briggs, and Ocar Charles Briggs, of Hull and Grimsby;

Charles and Walter Brinham, from 13 Ashbourne Grove, Springbank West;

George Broadley and Thomas Broadley,  both killed at Ypres in April 1915 - 62 Clarendon Street;

Sydney & Oswald Broddle, of 13 Hull Road, Anlaby Common;

John and James Brown, of Dansom Lane;

James and John Henry Brown, of Sutton Bank, Hull:

Robert Henry Brown and Frederick Jessie Brown, Hull born brothers;

Harold Bulson, and Ernest Bulson,  who lived at 6 Gordon Street;

Ernest and John William Burgess,  both buried in Hull Western Cemetery, from 96 English Street;

Eli and Arundle Butterill, from Argyll Street, Hull, both lost at sea;

Lewis and Alexander Butterworth, of Northumberland Avenue;

Edward Charles Calam and Frederick George Calam, of 244 Alliance Avenue; 

Walter, Joseph and Fred Campion, three brothers, from 7 Waller Street, Hull;

William and Ernest Carmichael, both sailors, from 346 Boulevard;

James and Douglas Caunt, of 58 St Georges Road;

Albert and Teddy Chapman, from 13 Alaska Street;

Alfred and Fred Chapman, of 37 Worthing Street;

Arthur and William Chapman, of Raywell Street;

Bertrand and Stanley Chapman, of Raywell Street;

Walter nd Herbert Chapman, of 41 Princes Road;

John and Samuel Chapman, both killed at Paschendaele, of Villa Place, Hessle Road;

Kenneth Child and Wilfred Child, from Burley House,on  Holderness Road;

Walter Cade and Arthur Cade, at 17 Buckingham Street;

Ernest Carmichael, and William Albert Carmichael, lost at sea. Sailors from 346 Boulevard;

Thomas Henry Chant and Joseph Robert Chant, of Kings Court, Hight Street;

Charles Samuel Christtmass and Orlando Christtmass, from 220 Hawthorne Avenue;

George Clare and John Thomas Clare, from Humber Street, Hull;

Percy and John William (Billy) Clark, of 25 Lee Street, Hull;

Romeo and Robert Clarke, Hull born sailors, that lived in Aberdeen:

Fred and Arthur Clayton, of 6 Victoria Villas, Hawthorne Avenue;

Walter and Ernest Cobby, of 105 Springbank West, Hull;

Frank, Albert and Edward Cockerill, three brothers from Swann Street, Wincolmlee;

Walter, Frederick and Albert Coggrave, three brothers from Portland Street, Ferens Way;

Maurice and Charles William Colgrave, of 10 Wentworth Avenue, Field Street;

Joe and Albert Cooper, of Commercial Road, Hull;

Ernest and Robert Cooper, of Hedon Road;

John and Joseph Cousins, at 30 Arundle Street;

Joe Cox and David Cox, at Nornabell Street;

Leonard Cox and Alfred Cox, at William Street;

Charles and Matthew Cranswick, of 14 Roxburgh Street;

Arthur and Charles Crawford, of 3 Kimberley Street;

George Simpson Cropper and William Ernest Cropper, of 61 Rosemead Street;

James and Arthur Crowhurst, of 4 Belle Vue Terrace, Alexandra Street;

John Joseph Crowther and William Seddon Crowther, of 9 Amy Terrace, Ferries Street;

Wilfred, William and Sydney Cuthbertson, &  William Bratton, four brothers from Harrow Street; 

Percival and Thomas Dalton, of 25 May Tree Avenue, Garden Village, Hull;

John William (Jack) Day and William John Day, of 8 Adderbury Crescent, Adderbury Grove;

Thomas Henry Day and George Edward Day, of 12 Glasshouse Row, Cleveland Street;

Charles Deakin and George Frederick Deakin, os 3 Church Terrace, St Paul Street, Hull

Thomas, John and Arthur Devaney, three brothers, of 14 Benjamin Terrace, Dalton Street;

Harold and George Dick, of 52 Trinity Street;

George, Walter and William Diglin, three brothers, from 10 High Street, Hull;

William, Thomas and Joseph Dimmack, three brothers, from  Strickland Street;

Harold Dixon and Ernest Dixon, from 78 Manchester Street, Hessle Road;

James and George Henry Dodsley, of 7 Coronation Avenue, Withernsea Street, Hull;

Alfred and James Dodsworth, from 248 Wincolmlee;

James and Arthur Donnelly, of 4 Watson's Terrace, Spring Street:

David and Joseph Douglas, from 53 Lambert Street, Newland Avenue;

George Drewery, Arthur Stanley Drewery and Walter Gordon Drewery, from 29 Walton Street;

Fred, Matthew and Robert Driver, three brothers, from 3 Devon Grove, Sculcoates Lane;

John Bruce Duffill and George Arthur Duffill, of Hull;

James Duffy and Thomas Duffy, of 13 George's Place, Collier Street, Hull;

Robert and Thomas Earnshaw, from 4 Sarah Ann's Terrace, Spyvee Street;

George Herbert Edlington and John Holmes Edlington, MM, of 7 Park Terrace, Seaton Street, Hull;

John William Elliott and Thomas Edward Elliott, from 307 Boulevard;

John and Joseph Ellis, both lost at sea, from  344 Boulevard;

Nathan and Solomon Ellis, at 26 Portland Place, Ferensway;

Arthur and John William Farr, of Porter Street, Hull;

Captain, Bede Farrell and his brother Adrian Farrell, from 1 Brookside Villas, Newland Park;

George and John Fenton, of 18 Claremont Terrace, Day Street;

George and Herbert Fern, of Stoneferry Road;

Fred and Thomas Fisher, of Hessle Road;

John, George and Thomas Foston, three brothers from 41 George Street;

George and Arthur Foster, of 330 Holderness Road;

William and Charles Franklin, of 2 Baden Grove, Exchange Street;

Oliver and Geoffrey Fyson, born in Hull, lived in Canada;

George, Thomas and Evans Galloway, three brothers, from 46 Cleveland Street;

Charles Edward Gamble and his brother Thomas William Gamble, from Londesborough Street;

John Page Gasgoigne, and Samuel Roy Gasgoigne, of 14 Blenheim Terrace, Worsley Street, Hull;

David and Edward Gash, of Clifton Street, Beverley Road;

George Gedney and Charles Norman Gedney, of 58 Norwood Street;

Ernest & Joseph Glentworth, both killed in May 1917, from 68 Wassand Street; 

Charles William Godfrey and George Robert Godfrey, of 16 Horace Avenue, Cave Street;

Arthur Gooding and Fred Gooding, from 23 Sidmouth Street;

John William Grahn and Fred Grahna German family that fought for Britain, - 4 Francis Avenue, Wellsted Street;

Ernest and William Groves, of 33 Salisbury Street;

George, John and William Grayburn, three brothers, from Hull;

Edward and Herbert Green, from 187 Ella Street;

Leonard, George and Gordon Gresham, three brothers from 42 Westbourne Avenue;

Charles  and Harry Grimbleby, of 33 Parmberton Street, Dansom Lane;

Frederick and Francis Guy, from 27 Lilac Avenue, Garden Village;

Robert Thomas Hadlow and Edward Aldridge Hadlow, of 1 Aspen Avenue, Symons Street, Hull;

Herbert and Alfred Hamilton, of Beecroft Street, St George Road;

Joseph Handley and Thomas Arthur Handley, of 125 Newland Avenue;

George Frederick and John William Handson, of 22 Park View, Sculcoates Lane;

John William Harden and Frederick Harden, of 24 Somerset Street;

Alfred William Harding and Frank Ernest Harding, of 24 Grey Street, Hull;

Bernard and Frederick William Harper, from Willam Street, Hull;

Anthony & Thomas Harran, from 22 Bowers Terrace, Waterloo Street;

George and Harold Harrison, and stepbrother, Benjamin Bollingham, three brothers, from 10 St Andrew Avenue, St Mark St.;

John Richard Harrison and Walter Harrison, from 7 Shaw Street, Holderness Road;

Noel, Mark and Frank Hedges, three brothers, from Cave Street, Beverley Road; 

Thomas and Harry Hildyard, of Strickland Street, Hessle Road;

James and Harry Hockless, of Sykes Street:

Charles and Robert Hodges, from 8 Buckingham Street;

Thomas Henry Holder and John Morley Holder, from 38 Queen Street, both killed in May 1917;

Arthur Holder and Walter Holder, from Subway Street, Hessle Road, both lost at sea;

Thomas and William Holness, from 9 Conway Street, Hull, both lost at sea;

Francis Hudson and Thomas Hudson, from Ella Street;

Herbert, Harry and Albert Hunt, three brothers, from Grange Street;

Frank and John Inman, from Staniforth Place, Hessle Road;

John Rowland Isley and William Alfred Isley, from 200 Newbridge Road;

Walter and Harry Jackson, Royal Marine brothers, from Hull;

George and Robert Jacobson, of 3 Joel's Avenue, Hotham Street, Hedon Road;

Andrew and John Jederin, 14 Model Dwellings, Midland Street;

Lawrence, William and George Jeffrey, three brothers, from 69 Great Thornton Street;

John, Harold, Walter and Arthur Johnson, four brothers, from 10 Telford Street, Holderness Road;

Alfred Fenton Johnson, and George Edward Johnson, at 426 Beverley Road;

Arthur Johnson (15) and John Johnson (17), lost at sea on the same day, from 343 Hawthorne Avenue; 

Clifford Hardy Johnson and Frederick Walter Johnson, from 242 Newland Avenue;

Frank and Edward Stephen Johnson, of 82 Great Thornton Street;

Ernest, Harold and Sidney Joules, three brothers, from 14 Harcout Street, Ripon Way, Hull;

George and Alfred Joyce, of 10 Crystal Terrace, Courtney Street;

James and Charles Joys, they died within 8 weeks of each other, from 12 Wellsted Street;

Herbert and Arthur Keithfrom 79 Arundel Street;

John and Tom Kennington, of 150 Hawthorne Avenue;

Tom Kent and John Robert Kent, of 34 Derby Street:

Tom and Roger Kidd, of 58 Blenheim Street;

Laurence Leggott King and William Henry King, of 21 May Street;

Thomas, Charles and Wilfred Kingdom, three brothers from Flinton Street;

Frederick and Ernest Kirkwood, of Charles Street, Hull;

Norman, James and Harold Lane, three brothers, from Villa Place, Walker Street;

Thomas and George Langthorp, of 630 Holderness Road;

Arthur and William Lazenby, of 6 Kimberley Street;

Frank, Fred and Samuel Laughton, three brothers, from Francis Street;

William, Arthur and Alfred Levitt, three brothers from 59 Lee Street;

Sydney, Fred and George Lilley, three brothers from Rhodes Street, Hawthorne Avenue; 

Arthur, George and Charles Lloyd; three brothers, from Spring Street;

Alfred Smith Lockham and James Ernest Lockham, of 15 Vine Terrace, Barnsley Street;

Joseph and Harry Longworth, from Lime Street;

Arthur and Ernest Lowsley, from Courtney Street;

William and Edward Lyons, from 37 Upper Union Street;

Oscar Mandeville and John William Mandeville, of 5 Stanley Street;

George and Thomas Margerison, of 18 Goddard Avenue;

Anthony Marr and Samuel Marr, both killed in 1915, from Courtney Street;

Frederick, James and Horatio Marshall, three brothers, from 10 Portland Street, Ferensway;

Robert and Harold Massam, of Scarborough Street;

Joseph, Stanley and Sidney Maynard, three brothers from, 42 Edgecumbe Street;

Albert Melton and Ernest Melton, of 22 Empringham Street, Hull;

Jack, Alfred, George and James Mercer, four brothers, from 36 Shaw Street, Holderness Road;

Arthur, Albert and Robert Merrylees, three brothers from 86 Spyvee Street;

John William McCann and James Rober McCann, of 110 Spyvee Street;

William and Martin McDermott, of 15 Wassand Terrace, Strickland Street;

James, Joseph and David McDonald, of 4 Mason Street, Hull; 

Thomas, John and George McKee, from Brighton Street, Hessle Road;

Patrick, John and Luke Mcloughlin, three brothers, from 21 North Street, Hull;

Godfrey Scott Midgley and William Scott Midgley, of Walker Street and Clifton Street, Hull;

Frank and Harold Mileham, of 3 Middleburg Street;

George William Miller and Frank Lonsdale Miller, of 28 Laburnum Avenue, Garden Village;

Laurence Mitchell and Tom Mitchell, of 135 Francis Street;

Wilfred and Percy Mitchell, from 9 Walcott Street;

John Monday & Albert Monday, - 11 Russell Terrace, Bean Street;

Harold Moisey and John Moisey, from Hessle Road;

Fred Septimus Monsey and Charles Harold Monsey, of Victor Street;

John Robert Morrison and William Leonard Morrison, of 10 Braemar Terrace, Walcott Street;

Charles Edward Myers and George William Myers, of 17 Dansom Lane;

Thomas Arthur Nasby and Valentine Percy Nasby, of 2 Lorne terrace, Lorne Street;

Albert and William Needham, of 5 Railway Cottages, Sutton Bank, Chapman Street, Hull;

Alfred, Frederick and Lorenzo Newby, three brothers lost at sea, from Woodcock Street;

Ernest Newell & Hilyard Newell, sailors lost at sea in 1916, from Brighton Street, Hessle Road;

William Henry Newlove and George Newlove, from Hessle Road;

Herbert and Robert James Newmarch, two brothers from Hull;

Thomas and Randolph Nicholson, Hull born brothers, from Hessle

George, Herbert and William Noel, three brothers, lost at sea, from 7 Flinton Street, Hessle Road;

William and Fred Oaktree, of Strickland Street, Hessle Road;

James and Robert Ockleton, Hull born brothers, who died at the Somme, same day;

Harold and Robert Ollett, from New George Street;

Alfred and Edward Osbourn, of Bright Street, Hull;

Alfred and Frank Ounsworth, from 85 Hodgson Street;

Walter and Charles Owen, at 7 Kings Bench Street, Hull;

Charles and Dan Padley, of 115 Regent Street, Hull;

William and Arthur Parish, from 39 Raywell Street;

Ernest Charles Parker and Sidney Parker, of Havelock Street;

John Partis and Daniel Partis, from Spyvee Street and Courtney Street;

Charles Partridge and James Partridge, of 18 Victor Street;

George Thomas Pawlett and John Richard Pawlett, from 1 Dee Street and Gloucester Street, Hull;

Samuel, John and Charles Pearson, three brothers, from Fountain Road;

Fred Pegg and Arhur Pegg, from Spyvee Street and Courtney Street, respectively;

James and Henry Pepper, of 25 Hood Street, Jennings Street, Hull;

Arthur, John and Harold Perry, three brothers from 81 Hessle Road; 

Frank and Alfred Petherbridge, both lost at sea, of 13 Somerset Street, Beverley Road;

Arthur and Sydney Pick, of Hessle Road;

Alfred and Fred Piggott, from Sykes Street, Hull;

John Ernest Porter and Robert Henry Porter, at 430 Hessle Road;

Ben Pougher and William Pougher, from Cambridge Street;

James, John and Cyril Purchon, three brothers, from 3 Gillett Street;

James Richard Raettig and Ralph Arthur Raettig, of 58 De La Pole Avenue;

Harry Mitchell and Ralph Ratcliffe, two Hull born brothers, from Immingham'

Christopher Redfearn and William Redfearn, MM, of 25 Blue Bell Entry, High Street, Hull;

George and Alfred Reed, both died the same day - 30/07/1917. 8 Nelson Square, New George St.;

John Rennard and William Rennard, from 10 Garden Terrace, Courtney Street;

George Arthur Rhodes and Thomas Alfred Rhodes, of 100 Kent Street;

George, Arthur and Elijah Richardson; three brothers, from 10 Mary Ann Terrace, Sculcoates Lane;

George Frederick Richardson and Robert Henry Richardson, of 50 Rugby Street, Hessle Road;

George and Charles Richmond, of 12, Melton Terrace, St Mark Street, Hull;

James and Peter Robinson, Hull born brothers, who lived in Goole;

George and Edward Anthony Roberts, of 13 Derby Street, Hull;

George and Joseph Roberts, Hull born brothers, living in Salford. They died together on 1st July 1916.

John Rumble, James Henry Rumble and Watson Burnham Rumble, of "Victoria Tavern", Waterhouse Lane, Hull;

William, John and Benjamin Rusholme, three brothers, from 57 Norwood Street;

Robert and Alfred Rutledge, of 12 Central Avenue, Central Street, Hull;

William, Joseph and John Ryan, three brothers, from Nornabell Street;

Harry Ryder and Arthur Ryder, of 18 Olive Terrace, Hotham Street, Hull:

Jack and George Sanders, of 8 Sydney Grove, Tyne Street, Hessle Road;

Harold Sayer and James Sayer, from Hessle Road;

Richard Scott of Egton Street, James Scott, of Francis Street, and William Scott, of 22 hood Street, Hull. Three Brothers;

Arthur and Harry Sedgwick, of 10 Grosvenor Terrace, Grosvenor Street, Hull:

Edwin, Herbert and Robert Sergeant, three brothers from Hull;

Frank and Albert Shaw, from 19 Carlton Street;

George Sherburn and John Sherburn from Craven Street;

Alfred and Richard Sherwood, of St Paul's Street;

Jonas Siddle and John William Siddle, of William Street, and Eton Street, Hull

Harry and Marcus Silverstone, of 121 Walker Street;

Archibald Sims & Fred Sims, both killed with the Northumberland Fusiliers, in 1918;

George and William Skevington, of Fountain Road;

Ernest Sleight and George Sleight, from 351 Holderness Road;

Amos Charles Smith and Shepley Vickers Smith, of 14 Freehold Street;

Victor Smith and Lawrence Smith, of 116 Brunswick Avenue;

Raymond Smith and Reginald Smith,  of 29 Field Street;

Fred Smith and Herbert Henry Smith, of 59 Eastbourne Street;

Ernest Smith and Charles Smith, from 60 Nornabell Street;

Fred and Herbert Snowden, of Walker Street;

Arthur and Charles Snowley, at 43 Wellington Lane;

William Spink and Gilbert Spink, from Franklin Street;

George Stead and Harold Elliot Stead, of Ringrose Street, Hull;

John Robert Stockdale and Tom Stockdale, of 50 Beverley Road;

James Henry Stones and Albert Stones, from 49 St Andrews Street, Hessle Road;

Arthur and Bernard Story, of 84 Regent Street;

George Storry and Herbert Storry, from Coltman Street and Waller Street;

William Suddaby & Alfred Suddaby, from Lee Smith Street and Craven Street, East Hull;

Walter and Ernest Suddaby, of 59 Brazil Street;

Ernest Taylor and Dawson Taylor, of 47 Arundle Street;

Victor Taylor and Thomas Taylor, of 28 Gibson Street;

William Henry Taylor and Thomas Taylor, sailors from Havelock Street;

Edwin Teasdale and Septimus Teasdale, of 4 Epworth Street;

Albert and William Thurnell, of 14 Wentworth Avenue, Field Street;

John and Roger Tighe, from 14 Albert Terrace, Spring Street;

Christopher, John  and Walter Tindall, three brothers, from 30 Bishops Lane, Lowgate;

James Richard Tindall and John William Tindall, of Westbourne Street, Hessle Road;

Arthur Tindale and Frank Tindale, of 18 Suffolk Street, Beverley Road;

Edward, John and Thomas Toalster, three brothers, from Lockwood Street;

Harold and Raymond Tock, of 21 Lockwood Street;

Sam Thomson and Herbert Thomson, from 2 Etty's Terrace, Strickland Street, both killed in 1915;

Herbert and samuel Thompson, of Strickland Street;

John Robert Trowell, and George Robert Trowellof 81 Laburnum Avenue;

George Turner and Edward Turner, from 65 Edinburgh Street;

Harold Percy Tutton and his brother John Henry Tutton, of 204 Bean Street; 

Arthur Edmund Twidle and Frank Stewart Twidle, of 1 Edward's Terrace, Holmes Street, Hull;

Arthur Veal and Cyril Veal, from 91 Clarendon Street;

Albert William Venus and Herbert James Venus, of 29 Eastbourne Street;

Harry and Albert Waddingham, of 1 Greek Street, Hawthorne Avenue, Hull;

Victor, Harold and John Cyril Walker, three brothers, from 343 Anlaby Road; 

Anthony, Thomas and Joseph Walsh, three brothers, from Gordon Street, Boulevard;

Thomas and Leonard Wardell, twin brothers, of 7 Roberts Avenue, Central Street, Hull;

George and Percy Ware, of 19 Devon Street;

Samuel, George, John and James Wass, four brothers, from 4 Robinson Place, Princess Street, Hull;

Arthur Waudby and Walter Ernest Waudby, of Blue Bell Entry, High Street;

Arthur Waudby and Thomas Waudby, of 34 Lorne Street;

Cyril and Sidney Webb, from 8 Nelson Square, New George Street;

Arthur Cyril Webster and George Alan Webster, EYR Officers, from 113 Westbourne Avenue;

Arthur and Herbert West, from 6 Kings Cross Terrace, Bean Street;

Harry, Walter and George West, three brothers, from 1 Cuthbert Avenue, Airlie Street;

Albert Wilcox and George Wilcox, from 4 Matlock Villas, Escourt Street;

Alfred and James Williamson, Hull born brothers, lost at sea.

John Turner Willingham and Stanley Lawton Willingham; from Escourt Street;

Willam, Arthur and John Henry Wilkinson, three brothers, killed in 1917, from Wescott Street, Hull;

Lawrence, Herbert and Charles Wilkinson, three brothers, from 2 Eastern Villas, Holland Street, Hull;

Harold Wilson and Fred Wilson, from 48 Raywell Street;

Herbert, Arthur and Charles Wilson, three brothers, from 115 Grafton Street;

Francis, Paul, and John Wilson, three brothers, from Hull;

George, Herbert and Mark Wilson, three brothers at 13 Nellies Terrace, Gillett Street;

Robert and George Wilson, of 29 Strawberry Street;

Victor, Clarence and Harry Winter, three brothers, from 40 Edgecumbe Street

James and Arthur Withers, both killed in 1915, from Hotham Street and Wyke Street;

Alfred and Christian Woyen, of 18 Paradise Place, Commercial Road, Hull;

John & James Wright - from 62 Alexandra Road;

Cyril and Sidney Webb, died within weeks of each other, in 1918, from 8 Wyndham Street;

James and Joseph Wood, from St Paul Street, Hull;

Arthur and Harry Woodward, of Mason Street, Hull;


Pte, Edward Arthur Anderson, Durham Light Infantry, killed 10/9/18, and Pte, John Rodman Anderson, Machine Gun Corps, killed 10/11/16. Both were 18 years old and died in France. They were the sons of Edward and Mary Ann Anderson, 19 Tomlinson Street, Newington. They are both commemorated on the memorial inside St Mathews Church, Boulevard.


Pte, Charlie William Bridges, 11th EYR died at Arras on the 24th March 1918, aged 22. His brother, Albert Bridges served with the Australian Imperial Force, and was killed in France on the 26th April 1918. They were the sons of Ellen and William Bridges who lived at 64 Sharp Street.



The Bentley brothers Robert and Harold were the sons of Robert and Amanda Bentley who lived at 50 Sharp Street, Newland Avenue, They both served with the 11th East Yorkshire Regiment, and both died of wounds in 1918. They are buried together at Hull Western Cemetery. 141 men from Sharp Street served in World War One. Robert and Harold Bentley are both shown on the Sharp Street memorial which still survives today. 



George Broadley was killed on the 23rd April 1915. His brother Thomas Broadley was killed three days later on the 26th April 1915. They had joined the East Yorkshire together and are buried together at Ypres. They were the sons of James and Catherine Broadley, 62 Clarendon Street, Hull.


Sapper, Walter Binge, East Riding Engineers, died at Ypres on 23/5/16, aged 23. He was husband of Hilda at 3 Coronation Avenue, Rustenberg Street. Her brother John Wrigglesworth was gassed in the war. Pte, Harmen Binge, of the East Yorkshire Regiment, died six months later, on 3/1/17. He was also aged 23 and is buried at Meaulte. The Binge brothers were the sons of  Walter and Henrietta at 6 Marfleet Terrace, Craven Street.


Harold Bulson, killed on the 15th September 1916, at the Somme, aged 19, and his younger brother Ernest Bulson killed in action on the 1st April 1918 are both remembered on the St Mathews Church memorial, Boulevard. They were the sons of Sarah Jane and the late Tennison Bulson, who lived at 6 Gordon Street.



Pte, Percy Walter Blanchard, died with the East Yorkshires, in France on 17/6/16, aged 23. He was the son of John and Margaret Blanchard at 5 City Grove, Harrow Street. His brother, L/Cpl, Ernest Edward Blanchard, was killed with the East Yorkshires on the 20/4/17, aged 26. He lived with his wife Ellen (nee Cook) at 3 Olive Grove, Harrow Street.


Brothers, Ernest and John William Burgess are both buried in Hull Western Cemetery, Sons of Rose and the late John Burgess at 96 English Street, they are commemorated on the Walker Street, War Memorial outside St Lukes Church.



Pte, John William Blenkin, 9th Durham Light Infantry, was killed on the 14th April 1918, aged 33 years. His brother, Sgt, James Stephenson Blenkin, was killed 4 days later on the 18th April 1918, fighting for Canada, aged 35 years old. They were the sons of John and Barbara Blenkin, the Butchers Shop, 66 Sculcoates Lane. Both brothers are remembered on the stone columns of St Mary's Church, Sculcoates Lane.


Walter and Joseph Campion, both died on the Somme, in November 1916.



William Bratton lost at sea in 1915 lost 3 stepbrothers during the war. They were the four children of Thomas Cudbertson and Sarah Ann Withers at 12 Richmond Terrace, Harrow Street, Hessle Road. Twenty Eight men are known to have died in the war from Harrow Street. Although this street has now been demolished, their names are all remembered here.


Ernest Carmichael, was lost on the 20th May 1917 when the Hull steam ship 'Tycho' bound from Bombay to Hull was sank by a torpedo from UBoat 40. His brother William Albert Carmichael, was lost on the 21st December 1916 when the Hull trawler 'St Ives' was mined in the English Channel off Falmouth, Cornwall. Sailing brothers and sons of Charles and Mary Ann Carmichael, who lived at 346 Boulevard. They are remembered on the Trinity House Roll of Honour.