Kingston upon Hull War Memorial 1914 - 1918

The story of Hull in World War One

Fathers and Sons


. Able Seaman, Alfred Lancelot Anderson, (49), from 1 Norman Terrace, Campbell Street, Hull, died, serving the Royal Navy, on 13th April 1915. His son, Able Seaman, William Oliver Anderson, (22), HMS 'Thesus', died at sea, in Russia in 1919.

. Skipper, Thomas Ashley, (52) Skipper of the trawler 'Cygnus', lost at sea on 12/12/1914, and his son, Tom, (31) Skipper of the trawler, 'Margate' sunk on 24/04/1917. They both lived at 26 Camden Street and are listed together, on the war memorial at St Matthews Church, Boulvard.

. Skipper, Frank Boyle, (42), sank with vessel, 'Campania', on 20th February 1918. His only son, 2nd Lieutenant, Charles Boyle, (21), of the 4th East Yorkshire Regiment, was killed in action on the 23rd April 1917.  They lived at 6 Walcott Street.

. Second Officer, Alfred Buchacan Cheetham, (51), sank with the Steam Ship ‘Prunelle’ on the 22nd August 1918. His 16 year old son Wilfred Alfred Cheetham, sank, with the Steam Ship, ‘Adriatic ‘ on the 31st October 1916. They lived at 212 Bean Street.

. Private, John Bernard Clark, (21), 10th EYR, was killed in action, on 29th September 1918. His father Pte., Herbert Taylor Clark, (45) 2nd EYR, was killed at Ypres on 5th February 1915. They lived at Waterloo Street, Hull

SkipperWilliam Darby Coates, Snr. (59) and his son 3rd Hand, William Darby Coates Jnr. (20 years), died on the 21st January 1916, when Hull steam trawler, ‘Earl’ was lost with all hands . They lived at 6 Empringham Place, Daltry Street, Hull.

Skipper, Andrew Summers, (49) drowned with his seventeen year old son, Harry Andrew Summers, on the trawler 'Mauritius', on the 17th May 1915. Their wife and mother, Fanny Summers, lived at 12 Division Road, Hull. 

. Father and son, Leonard William Cooper, Senior, (52), and his son Leonard William Cooper, Junior, (32), drowned together, on the 16th November 1916, when their steam ship ‘Vasco’ was sunk. They both left widows at 8 Byron Street, Westcott Street and 182 Mersey Street, Hull.

. Robert James Cressey, (52), Skipper of the steam ship, ‘Stirling’, sank on the 24th February 1915. His son George James Cressey (27), died on the Trawler ‘Hermia’ on the 1st August 1916. They were the Husband and son of Mary Cressey, who lived at 11 Shaw Street, Holderness Road.

  . Harry Addison Fletcher, (44), Skipper of the Trawler, 'St Lawrence', died at sea, on 03/10/1914. His son, Deckhand, Frank Fletcher, (21), was lost art sea, on 04/05/1916. They lived at 11 St Andrews Street, Hull.

Arthur Edwin Foster lost two sons in the war. These were Arthur Foster, (27), of the 10th West Yorkshire Regiment, killed on 14th April 1917. His younger son George, (24), 2/8th Sherwood Forresters, was killed. on the 17thApril 1917. Arthur Edwin having seen both sons killed was to die himself on the 8th September 1918 serving with the Northumberland Fusiliers.

 Skipper, George Hillam, (52), of the Trawler ‘Numitor’, was lost at sea, on 20th April 1918. His 16 year old son, George Hughs Hillam, was killed on HMS 'Cornwallis', on 25th April 1915. They both lived at 46 Liverpool Street, Hull.

.  Charles Crosby Johnston, Senior, (54) was lost at sea on the Steam ship ‘ Sappho’, on the 27th December 1915. His son Charles Crosby Johnston, (29), died fighting with the Canadian Expeditionary Force, at Ypres, on 19thApril 1916. They lived at 199 Hessle Road.

. Tom Kent (50), Royal Marine Light Infantry, and his son, John Robert Kent (18), of 34 Derby Street.

. Thomas Moor Leach, (49), a Merchantile Fireman, died at sea on 15/04/1915. His son Alan Leach, (21), died at sea, on 04/05/1916. Their wife and mother, Emmaline Leach, lived at Rosamond Street, Hessel Road.

. Fred Lindo, (37), was lost on the Hull ship, 'Khartoum', on 26th March 1916. His son Fred Lindo, Junior, (18), died seven months later, on the trawler 'Lord Roberts' on 26th October 1916. They lived at, 8 Blanche Grove, Brighton Street, Hull.

. Private, William Rees Nanney, a professional soldier with the Royal Welch Fusiliers, died at Gallipolli, on the 20thAugust 1915, aged 46. His son, Private, John Holford Nanney, (19) of the 11th South Wales Borderers, was killed at Ypres, on 31st July 1917. They were the husband and son, of Sara Catherine Nanney, who lived at 14 Flora Avenue, Carlton Street, Dairycoates, Hull.

. Francis Robert Postle, Senior, (42) and Francis Robert Postle, Junior, (17), died together, on the 12th April 1917, when their Trawler, ‘St Andromache’ was sunk by an enemy submarine. Their wife and mother Gertrude, lived at 21 Harrow Street, Hull.

.  John Henry Ridsdill, (56), Skipper of the Trawler 'Strymon', sank with his ship, on the 27th October 1917. He lived at 26 Gillett Street, Hull. His son, William Henry Ridsdill, (27) was also lost at sea, on the Trawler 'Egret', on the 1st June 1918. He lived with his wife Ruth at 6 Cedar Grove, Eastbourne Street, Hull. 

. George Skipworth, (46), of the SS 'Dido' was lost at sea on the 26 February 1916. His son, John William Skipworth, (20), of the 1st/4th Bn., East Yorkshire Regiment, died of wounds, on 23 April 1917. They both lived on Adelaide Street, Hull.

. Sergeant, Albert Edward Straker, (42) 9th Australian Light Horse, died on 14/08/1919. His son, Private, Samuel Albert Straker, (19), 5th Lincolnshire Regiment, was killed in action, on 15/04/1918. Their wife and mother, Ellen Parr, lived at 1 Newcomes Street, Hull.

. Skipper, William Wemyss, (40), SS 'Nimrod', died at sea, on 18th December 1917. He lost two sons in the war. Private, George Wemyss, (22), 11th Hull Pals, killed at Bethune, on the 4th August 1916, and Corporal, Leonard Wemyss, (21), 2nd Yorkshire Regiment, killed at Arras, on 9th April 1917. Their wife and mother, Fanny Weymss, lived at 78 English Street, Hull.

- Alfred Handson, of 22 Park View, Sculcoates Lane, served in the Royal Naval Reserve and died of influenza, in 1918. His son John Willaim Handson, was killed at Ypres in 1915. Another son, George Frederick Handson, died of wounds in Hull on the 1st June 1916, aged 18. Their wife and mother was Dinah Handson. 











Father and son, Francis Robert Postle, Snr, (42 years) and Francis Robert Postle, Jnr., died on the 12th April 1917 when the ‘St Andromache’ (GRIMSBY) was sunk by an enemy submarine. Their wife and mother Gertrude (nee Cressey) lived at 21 Harrow Street, Hull


Master Mariner, John Henry Ridsdill, skipper of the Trawler 'Strymon' sank with his ship on the 27th October 1917. He was aged 56 and lived with his wife Sarah (Lamb) and  had 12 children at 26 Gillett Street. On the 1st June 1918, his son William Henry Ridsdill, was also lost at sea on the Trawler 'Egret'.  William was 27 years old and lived with his wife Ruth at 6 Cedar Grove, Eastbourne Street, Hull. The deatsh of his Father and son was reported in the Hull daily mail 28/10/18.