Kingston upon Hull War Memorial 1914 - 1918

The story of Hull in World War One

Lost at Sea

The Hull Memorial remembers the 1,200 sailors from Hull and abroad, who died during the First World War.  

The ongoing peril of unexploded sea mines would claim the lives of Hull fisherman, long after the war had ended. For example, the Hull trawler ‘Gitano’ struck a mine and was sunk with all hands on the 23rd December 1918. 

The Hull trawler ’Scotland’ struck a mine on the 13th March 1919, killing seven Hull men. 

Two days later the steam ship ‘Durban’ exploded‘, killing another eight Hull sailors.

 The ‘Isle of Man’ (Hull) exploded on the 14th December 1919, killing seven Hull fishermen, and the steam ship ‘Barbados’ exploded on the 5th November 1920, taking another ten Hull men. These included the two Weaver brothers killed on the same day. 

Many of these seaman had survived the war, only to be its victims after whilst trying to earn a living for their families. In all over 1,200 Hull men died at sea during the First World War and the majority have no known grave. 

Another tragedy was the loss of the fishing trawler ‘Magneta’ on the 31st January 1922, during the Russian Civil war. While being placed under false arrest, by the Russian authorities, the ‘Magneta’ was dragged into a port unsuitable for anchorage, and wrecked on a reef, during a hurricane. Nine Hull fishermen were lost. The arrest of the ‘Magneta’ became a major diplomatic incident and Russia finally paid some compensation in 1924. The nine Hull sailors from the ‘Magneta’ were buried at Murmansk by the Greek Orthodox Church. They are remembered on the Hull Memorial as one of the last casualties of war. 


SS 'SHAKESPEARE (H994)', sunk on 7th February 1917

CREW LOST ON 'SHAKESPEARE (H994)'sunk on 7th February 1917 by a U-boat gunfire.

    BRYON, Arnie, (-), 346 St. George's Road, Hull. Skipper

  • FARNSWORTH, James (28), 26 Brighton Sreet, Hull. 3rd/Hand
  • HARRISON, James (40), 13 Flinton Street, Hull. Mate
  • HUTCHINSON, John (30), Calthorpe-Gardens, Newington Street, Hull. Chief Engineer
  • LAWRENCE, Charles (31), 8a Bedford-Place, Boston. 2nd/Engineer
  • LEE, Joseph (26), 95 St. Pauls Street, Hull. Deckhand
  • NORTON, Albert (25), 5 Pretoria-Ave, Flinton Street, Hull. Sparehand
  • WESTGATE, Albert (27), 44 Division Road, Hull. Sparehand
  • WILLIAMS, Ernest (32), 2 Princes-Ave, West Dock Street, Hull. Bosun 

HMT 'SOUTHWARD HO', lost 27th May 1915

'SOUTHWARD HO' was a 169 GRT steam trawler completed in 1899 by Doig & Broadley for S. T. While & Co. Ltd. and registered at Hull as H.456. She was reported missing on 27 May 1915 and is believed to have been lost approximately 88 nautical miles East by North of Spurn Head as a result of (unspecified) enemy action.There were no survivors.

Southward HoELLIS Thomas, Skipper

HARISON W., Second Hand, 76 Glasgow Street, Hull

MORTIMER E.W., 16 Joshua Avenue, Madeley Street, Hull

NICHOLSON W., Second Engineer, 40 Scarborough Street, Hull

NOBBS J.W. , Boatswain, Albert Avenue, Selby Street, Hull

PALMER Arthur, (30) Fourth Hand,

PEARSON J., (57) Deckhand

SMITH George, (36), Third Hand, 76 Welsted Street, Hull

WOOLMER George, (38) Cook, 56 Naylors Row, Hull

'HMT ARGYLL H923' sunk 15th June 1915

On the 15th June 1915, the Hull vessel,  was torpedoed by the submarine UC-11, off the Harwich coast. All seven Hull fishermen were lost:

ALDAN Albert (46), 4 St Andrews Street, Hull. Chief Engineer

BOWLES Fred (35), 6 Rugby Terace, Rugby Street, Hull. Deckhand

COWLAM Jack (29), 3 Willows Grove, Somerset Street, Hull. Fireman

SOARDES Arthur Ernest (54), Skipper

TURNER Albert (46), 50 Railway Cottages, Hessle Road

WISE Albert (46), 3 Ebor Terrace, Eastbourne Street, Hull. Deckhand

WISE Arthur (42), 1 Auckland Terrace, Gillett Street, Hull. Cook

  THE GERMAN NAVY IN THE NORTH SEA, 1914-1918Thumbnail picture of the SM U-106

A last minute escape from a torpedoed ship. The ship's bow has already sunk into the waves, and her stern is slowly lifting out of the water. Men can be seen sliding down emergency escape ropes as the last lifeboat pulls away.


Hull's Forgotten Sailors

The following are examples of some Hull Seamen, not recorded by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission:-

Fireman, Joseph Smith, lost at sea, on the Steam Ship, 'Hildago' on the 28th August 1917, aged 27.

Cook, George Nunn, lost on the 'Montebello' on 21st June 1918. He was a 32 year old fisherman. Son of Sarah Nunn, 95 Constable Street. The ship was sunk by the U-100 submarine with the lost of 41 lives. 

First Hand, Frederick Robert Smith, from 24 Liverpool Street, was ost on the Steam Trawler, 'Commander Boyle H353' on the 23rd August 1915, aged 30. The ship was unarmed and only out on its second fishing trip when it was sunk by a mine. Third Hand, William Bratton, aged 31, from 12 Richmond Terrace, Harrow Street, and Sparehand, Walter Holder, aged 31, from 70 Manchester Street, were also killed.

Second Mate. Percy Walter, lost on the 'Memberland' at sea, on 15th February 1915. He was 26 years & lived with his wife Lilly, at 33 Carrington Street, Airlie Street.

Deckhand, J. Lorraine, lost of the Steam Trawler, 'Terrier' on 2nd October 1916. He is listed on the Walker Street memorial, but not in any Naval or War Grave records.

Chief Engineer, David Foster Britton, lost on the Wilson Line ship, 'IBIS' on the 14th May 1918, aged 60. He lived at 6 Aberdeen Terrace, Kimberley Street and his death was reported in the Hull Daily Mail on 27th December 1918. The 'IBIS'  was on voyage from Bilbao to Glasgow with a cargo of ore. She collided with SS WHIMBREL, 6 miles W of the Lizard, United Kingdom and sank.

Engineman, James Irving Boynton, lost aboard on HMS 'Idaho', 19th August 1918, aged 29. He lived at 10 Ash Avenue, Subway Street.

Engineman, Henry Robert Baldwin, a fish dock labourer, from 28 Dorset Street, lost on the Minesweeper, 'Lucknow', on the 18/5/1917, aged 33. The ship was mined 2 miles off Portsmouth, with the loss of nine lives.

Engineman, Ernest Tom Longstaff, from 66 Lee Street, lost at sea on the 12th May 1918. 

Trimmer, Arthur Bloomfield, from 61 Argyle Street, lost on the 'Terrier' when it was wrecked at Rattray Head.

Trimmer, Herbert Hookhem, died 21st February 1915, when his fishing ship 'Kestrel' collided off Spurn Point, with the Steamship 'Hydra'. He was 17 years old. His family lived at 44 Madeley Street, Hessle Road.

Similarly, Trimmer, Hendrick Williamson was also killed in a sea collison and his death was death was not reported.

Deckhand, Albert Goodwin, from 45 Havelock Street, was lost overboard, on the 'Antonio' on 25th November 1917, aged 49.

Seaman, Frederick William Sawden, Royal Navy Reserve, from Waterloo Street, died as a Prisoner of war, on the 2nd November 1914, aged 51.

'Anchored at Last'

HMT 'COMMANDER FULLERTON' lost on 12th December 1917

HMT 'COMMANDER FULLERTON', was a destroyer, lost on 12th December 1917, trying to protect a convoy in the North Sea.  She was sunk by SMS EMDEN and destroyers of the German Third Half-Flotilla on 12th December 1917. Destroyers PELLEW and PARTRIDGE, together with trawlers COMMANDER FULLERTONLIVINGSTONE,  LORD ALVERSTONE and TOKIO were escorting a Scandinavian convoy when attacked by the Germans. The Skipper, John William Whelan, from Hull, was killed and all the ships in the convoy were sunk, as were all the escorts with the exception of PELLEW, which was damaged.

Crew lost on the Trawler, 'COMMANDER FULLERTON H286', 12th December 1917.

LONG, Trimmer, John William, 7153TS, Royal Naval Reserve.

WHELEN, Skipper, John William, Royal Naval Reserve. Age 40. Native of Hull.

KINGDOM, John (32), 17 Scarborough st, Hull. Skipper
Crew lost on the 'COMMANDER FULLERTON H286', Stranded at Kilnsea, 18th July, 1915.

MALONEY, Arthur (35), 2 Cuthbert-ave, Airlie Street, Hull. Mate

WILLIAMSON, Joseph (25), 78 Gillett Street, Hull. Bosun.

Hull's Royal Navy Reserve

THE ROYAL NAVY IN THE FIRST WORLD WARNearly 250 Hull men died in the First World War serving with the Royal Navy. Eleven men sank with HMS Good Hope, on the 1st November 1914. Ten died when HMS 'Bulwark', mysteriously exploded in the River Medway, on the 26th November 1914. Fifty Eight Hull men died at the Battle of Jutland on the 31st May 1916, including 24 who sank on HMS 'Queen Mary' and eight on HMS 'Black Prince'. Another eleven Hull men were lost on HMS 'Vanguard' when it spontaneously exploded, at the Scapa Flow Port, on 9th July 1917. The destruction of HMS 'Vanguard', remains one of the most catastrophic accidental disasters. She sank almost instantly, killing an estimated 804 men. There were only two survivors.

Many other Hull men served in local ships for the Royal Navy Reserve service. Here are some of them. 

'COMMANDER FULLERTON' was lost on 12th December 1917, trying to protect a convoy in the North Sea.

'EROS'  was mined in the North Sea on the 8th June 1918.  7 lives, lost including Skipper.

HMT 'EMLEY 123' sunk in the Firth of Forth, on 28th April 1918, with the loss of 8 crew.

'INDUSTRIA', was built by Cook, Welton and Gemmell  Ltd, Hull, 1887. It was sunk in the North Sea, on 21st March 1917, with the loss of nine lives.

HMT 'EGRET H21' sank 1st June 1918

The Trawler 'EGRET' was  Launched on 30/09/1898; It was originally a Hull registered trawler (H.21) and owned by Great Northern Steamship Fishing Co., Hull; Requisitioned by the Admiralty in 1918, the Vessel was torpedoed and sunk without warning, 2 miles E x N of Spurn Light vessel; 11 lives were lost including the Master.



  1. CROWE, E (41), Cook, Steam Trawler Egret, †01/06/1918, Father of E. Crowe, of 53, Glasgow St., Hull. Born at Hull, Memorial:Tower Hill Memorial
  2. FISHER, GEORGE (54), Second Hand, Steam Trawler Egret, †01/06/1918, Husband of Mary Jane Fisher, of 3, Leura Grove, Tyne St., Hull. Born at Hull, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial
  3. FRANCIS, SEPTIMUS (23), Fourth Hand, Steam Trawler Egret, †01/06/1918, Son of Henry Walter Francis and Elizabeth Francis; husband of Evelyn Francis (nee Hall), of 9, Granville Avenue, West Dock St., Hull. Born at Hull, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial
  4. MACLEOD, NORMAN (20), Deck Hand (no. 14988DA), Armed Fishing Vessel Egret, †01/06/1918, Son of Alexander and Catherine Macleod, of 22, Raerinish, Lochs, Stornoway, Ross-shire, Memorial: Chatham Naval Memorial
  5. MCFEE, WILLIAM (54), Skipper, Trawler Egret, †01/06/1918, Husband of Laura McFee, of 75, Ena St., Boulevard, Hull, Memorial:Tower Hill Memorial
  6. MEARS, ALFRED WELBURN (22), Third Hand, Steam Trawler Egret, †01/06/1918, Son of Maria Mears of 3, Fern Glove, Harrow St., Hull, and the late Fergus Mears, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial
  7. RIDSDILL, WILLIAM HENRY (27), First Engineer, Steam Trawler Egret, †01/06/1918, Son of Sarah Ridsdill, and the late John Henry Ridsdill; husband of Ruth Willy Ridsdill (nee Brocklesby), of 6, Cedar Grove, Eastbourne St., Hull. Born at Hull, Memorial:Tower Hill Memorial
  8. ROBERTS, CLARENCE (21), Trimmer, Steam Trawler Egret, †01/06/1918, Son of Benjamin and Kate Roberts, of 5, Louisa Terrace, St. George's Rd., Hull, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial
  9. SANDERSON, WILLIAM (60), Second Engineer, Steam Trawler Egret, †01/06/1918, Son of the late John and Ann Sanderson; husband of Annie Kirk Sanderson (nee Mager), of 8, Naburn St., Woodcock St., Hull. Born at Hull, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial
  10. SMITH, WILLIAM (43), Boatswain, Steam Trawler Egret, †01/06/1918, Son of Mary Smith and the late William Smith; husband of Mary Ann Smith (formerly Dilbo, nee Rapley), of 8, Langdale Crescent, Flinton St., Hull. Born at Boston, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial
  11. TUTCHER, JOHN (50), Spare Hand, Steam Trawler Egret, †01/06/1918, Son of Susan Tutcher, and the late John: Tutcher; husband of Ada Salina Tutcher (nee Blakey), of 2, Chiltern Villas, Division Rd., Hull. Born at Plymouth, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial 


Hull's Submariners

Britain's submarines had spectacular successes in the Baltic and Dardenelles. However, its' most important role was to blockade Germany's coastline, and protect Britain against invasion. Out of Britain's 86 submarines at the start of the war, 76 were also used to protect British coastlines and shipping. They were also used to lay mines, observe enemy shipping and counter enemy submarines. During the war British Subs sank 18 German U Boats and the German Destroyer S-116. However, twenty British Sumarines were lost to enemy mines. 

Some Hull Submarinersl, who died in the First World War include:- 

Able Seaman, Sidney Davison Holmes, HMS Submarine 62, died 18/8/19, Russia, aged 22. Son of Rosina & Alfred Holmes, 3 Alicia Terrace, Craven Street.

Stoker, John O'Neill, HMS E16, died 22/8/1916, aged 22. His Next of Kin, was his sister Mrs Clarke, at 9 Welsted Street.

Lieutenant, Edward Desforge Collier, HMS E22, died 24/4/1916, aged 24. He is remembered on the mmemorial at St Marys Church, Lowgate, Hull.

Stoker, Arthur Mathew McClaren, HMS E36, died 19/1/1917, age 24. Son of Sarah Ann McClaren, 14 Cedar Grove, Exchange Street. He is Remembered on the stone pillars of St Mary Church, Sculcoates Lane.

Seaman, Edward George Rayner, HMS J6, died 15/10/1918, aged 24. Born Hull on 1/3/1893, he lived with his wife Jane Alice (Burch) at 1 Woods Street, Blyth, South Wales.

Stoker, Percival Cockerill, HMS K34, died 31/1/1918, age 23. He was the son of John & Minnie Cockerill, at 37 Laburnum Avenue, Garden Village. On board was another East Hull man, Stoker, Henry Wakelin Crawforth, from 2 Mentone Avenue, Arundel Street.

A long forgotten incident was the sinking of the Submarine HMS E13, in neutral Danish waters on the 19/8/1915. Two German Torpedo Boats attacked the grounded Submarine, and killed 15 Royal Navy sailors as they tried to abandon their ship. The incident caused outrage in Britain and Denmark, as the attack was a clear breach of International Law. The 14 bodies recovered were returned to Hull for burial and given full Military Honours. A large funeral procession was conducted throughout Hull City Centre.

HMT 'EMLEY 123' sunk 28th April 1918,

HMT 'EMLEY 123' sunk in the Firth of Forth, on 28th April 1918, with the loss of 8 crew.

COLLEY, ROBERT , Trimmer (no. 7801TS), H.M. Trawler Emley, †28/04/1918, Memorial:Chatham Naval Memorial

FITZPATRICK, GEORGE WILLIAM , Deck Hand (no. 9198DA), H.M. Trawler Emley, †28/04/1918, Memorial: Portsmouth Naval Memorial

MACDONALD, JOHN (20), Leading Deck Hand (no. 14142DA), H.M. Trawler Emley, †28/04/1918, Son of Donald Macdonald, of 2, Upper Garrabost, Stornoway, Memorial:Chatham Naval Memorial

MASSIE, JAMES MUNRO , Engineman (no. 14TS), H.M. Trawler Emley, †28/04/1918, Memorial: Portsmouth Naval Memorial

SMITH, HERBERT HENRY , Deck Hand (no. 2327DA), H.M. Trawler Emley, †28/04/1918, Memorial: Chatham Naval Memorial

TAIT, ARTHUR LAING , Deck Hand (no. 1142SD), H.M. Trawler Emley, †28/04/1918, Memorial: Portsmouth Naval Memorial

TUNNAH, ROBERT , Trimmer (no. 5471TS), H.M. Trawler Emley, †28/04/1918, Memorial:Portsmouth Naval Memorial

Life on board trawler

HMT 'HALCYON' sunk fishing, 19th February, 1917

Hull lost 68 fishing vessels in the First World War. Here are a few.

On February 19th, 1917, the Hull fishing trawler, 'HALCYON' was torpedoed by the German submarine U-71 (Hugo Schmidt), off Butt of Lewis. The following 11 persons were lost.

    1. BLAND, J W , Skipper, Halcyon, †19/02/1917, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial
    2. DAVIDSON, D , Trimmer (no. 2899/ST), H.M.S. Halcyon, †13/03/1917, Memorial: Peterhead Old Churchyard
    3. DORNAN, FRED (43), First Engineer, Steam Trawler Halcyon, †19/02/1917, Son of the late James and Elizabeth Doman; husband of Annie Dornan (nee Duffield), of 8, John's Terrace, Redbourne St., Hull. Born at Leeds, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial
    4. GREENWOOD, R (41), Spare Hand, Steam Trawler Halcyon, †19/02/1917, Son of Mrs. Alice Greenwood, of 16, Day St., Hull, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial
    5. HARLAND, HENRY (43), Mate, Steam Trawler Halcyon, †19/02/1917, Son of the late William and Sarah Harland; husband of Louisa Jane Harland, of 547, Hessle Rd., Hull. Born at Ramsgate, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial
    6. JACKSON, GEORGE WILLIAM (18), Second Engineer, Steam Trawler Halcyon, †19/02/1917, Son of George William and Helena Jackson, of 9, Harritts Terrace, Hull, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial
    7. MARSDEN, HENRY WALTER (43), Deck Hand, Steam Trawler Halcyon, †19/02/1917, Son of Harriet Rhoda Marsden, of 56, Paisley St., Hull, and the late Joseph Marsden. Born at Northallerton, Yorks, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial
    8. PATTERSON, CHARLES (55), Boatswain, Steam Trawler Halcyon, †19/02/1917, Husband of Hymena Patterson (nee Chapman), of 88, Coulton St., Hull. Born at Portsmouth, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial
    9. RHOADES, HENRY ALFRED (36), Trimmer, Steam Trawler Halcyon, †19/02/1917, Son of Hannah Rhoades, of 15, St. Andrew's St., Hull, and the late William Rhoades, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial
    10. WATTON, E (29), Cook, Steam Trawler Halcyon, †19/02/1917, Son of Florence Watton, of 11, Howe St. Jennings St., Hull, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial
    11. WEST, JOHN WILLIAM (38), Third Hand, Steam Trawler Halcyon, †19/02/1917, Son of Charles Gerrard and Jane Morrish West, of 7, Walters Terrace, Brighton St., Hull, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial

On the 15th June 1915, the Hull vessel,  'ARGYLL H923' was torpedoed by the submarine UC-11, off the Harwich coast. All seven Hull fishermen were lost:



CREW LOST ON 'SHAKESPEARE (H994)'sunk on 7th February 1917 by a U-boat gunfire.

CREW LOST ON 'CELIA (H989)', lost in the North Sea, 8th January, 1915.  Never seen again. 

Merchant Navy

The Merchant Navy descibes Britain's commercial ships and crews. It has existed throughout British history, and expanded greatly with the growth of the British Empire, and the resulting increase in trade.

At the start of the war Britain controlled over 40% of the world's merchant shipping. This proved vital during the First World War, in supplying Britain with food and materials, as well as transporting armies overseas and keeping them supplied.

In recognition of its' war service, King George V, bestowed the title of 'Merchant Navy', and entitled British Merchant vessels to fly the Red Ensign flag.

The war at sea was a costly conflict that continued every day throughout the war. Some 5,000 Merchant vessels and nearly 13 million tons of shipping were lost between 1914-18. The Germans lost 178 U Boats and 5,000 men in this combat.

There were 14,661 Merchant sailors lost in the First World War and nearly 1,200 of them were from Hull.

'SOUTHWARD HO' was reported missing on 27 May 1915 and is believed to have been lost off Spurn Head as a result of (unspecified) enemy action.There were none Hull crew and no survivors.

EARL (H436) was a Hull steam trawler, reported missing in the North Sea on 21/1/1916. Ten Hull crew drowned.